• I want to buy the ticket, the bus and the accommodation, how do I do?

Very easy: Just add the products you want to buy to the shopping cart.

We are a ticket point of sale and we also offer shuttle bus service to and from the event from various cities.

Add your tickets or bus seats and/or accommodation to your shopping cart.

Totally. To make a purchase you only need a debit/credit card and to have the electronic banking service activated on it to be able to confirm the transaction, after receiving a code on your smartphone. We also have an effective 24-hour customer service.

We are authorised point of sale for all the events you see on our website, so these are always official tickets.


  • What does "You will find your e-tickets in your customer area" mean?

In this case you must Login to download your ticket order from your customer area, by entering the e-mail and password you registered with.

In your customer menu select MY CONCERTS / DOWNLOAD E-TICKETS.

You can download it at any time, so that you can print it whenever you want.

The link is this: LOG IN (

  • What does it mean "You will receive your ticket by e-mail in a few days"?

We will send your ticket order to the e-mail address you provide (make sure you spell it correctly). The ticket(s) will be sent to you in PDF, so you can print them and access the event with them.
This electronic ticket (e-ticket) will allow you to access the event directly as it has the validity of a traditional ticket.
The delivery time of the e-ticket may vary depending on the event, but it will always be sent sufficiently in advance so that you do not have any problems.
In any case, please check that you have received the invoice for the payment of your order in your e-mail once the purchase has been made.

  • On my e-ticket it says the name of the person who made the purchase but my name does not appear, is there any problem?

There is no problem; our e-tickets show the name and ID of the person who made the purchase but the tickets are not nominative unless otherwise stated in the text of the event.

  • What happens if the tickets are numbered?

In the event that the tickets you have purchased are numbered, although e-tickets are initially generated when you place your order, you will receive the numbered ticket/s later, with their corresponding numbering and they will be always consecutive seats.


  • What is the Seat Reservation Option?

Depending on the event, we can have the option of booking a seat at no cost or, on the contrary, the direct purchase of the seat(s) of the trip.
If we have activated the reservation of places at no cost:
-Your reservation of place/s has no previous or additional cost to the subsequent payment of the place/s you reserve.
-When the trip is confirmed (when the minimum number of reservations required is reached), we will notify you so that you can proceed to make the payment through your customer area.

  • What do I do if my departure city is not included in the ones we offer?

-If your city is not included in the offers we offer and you are a large enough group of people to be able to create a new route, do not hesitate to contact us here: CONTACT

  • What does "Bring the voucher to access the bus" mean?

In this case you will be able to download your bus voucher/s order from your customer area.

You can download it at any time and the link is this: LOG IN


  • Camping EDP Nova Era Beach Party:

The travel plan for our bus trip option with camping included is as follows:

Friday: before going to the festival, the buses take us to the Orbitur Madalena campsite so that we can leave the tents set up. After that, we will take the same bus to enjoy the festival.

At the end of the dj's performances on the first night, the buses pick us up at the same place where they dropped us off earlier in the afternoon (last year's esplanade), to take us to the campsite, sleep and recharge our batteries ;)

Saturday: Buses will pick us up at the campsite in the afternoon (with the tents and luggage, which will remain stored in the bus) to take us to the festival.

At the end of the festival, we give a margin of 1 hour at the end and return to Galicia.
This way we save 1 night of camping...! ;)

*The camping site has spacious pitches for tents, toilets, cafeteria, small supermarket and swimming pool surrounded by a green area.